Schema Magazine is a blend of pop-culture and identity for the interculturally-minded.

We’re not “caught between cultures”, but moving through them. We’re not hybrids or simply bi-racial. We’re more complicated than that. If anything we’re blended. Schema Magazine is reflection of that third and constantly moving space. 

Collage by Kara Kosaka (2003)

Collage by Kara Kosaka (2003)


A Brief History

Schema Magazine was launched in 2003, by a collective of bright minds committed to the pursuit of diversity in media, and the inclusion of 1.5-gens, 2nd-gens, mixed-race and other culturally-blended people who are at the cutting edge of multiculturalism, in Canada and around the world. 

For over a decade Schema Magazine has been a dynamic platform for young aspiring writers to find their voice, fearlessly think about their complex identity and launch into bigger mainstream media outlets. And we can't be more proud of our alumni. 

Since then, mainstream media has changed. We'd like to think we played a role in that. Schema is no longer just a place for cultural navigators to have a voice, it is now a place that fosters dynamic interaction between our cultural differences, because peace co-existence was a 1970's pursuit. And 21st Century pluralism demands more. We demand more. 

Somewhere in-Between

In 2003 we began calling ourselves as cultural navigators, because of a distinct ability to effortlessly move through a complex web of cultures. Back then we were too "ethnic" to be readily found in mainstream media. At the same time, too "mainstream" to be heard in ethnic media.

Somewhere in-between, we coined the term ethnic cool. A term to recognize how Canada's mainstream was evolving through the influences of immigrant and diaspora cultures. But we're also more than that: more than Bruce Lee. More than Bob Marley. More than Bollywood.

We came to the conclusion that we’re more than ethnic: comfortable with our ethnic identity, but at the same time we’re a huge presence in the mainstream collective. After all, Canada is a messy, invigorating polyglot of mongrels, pure-breeds and race-mixers.

It always has been, and we're audaciously taking it to new levels. 

Not all of us are racialized, but we've been a consistent advocate for diversity in media and pop culture. All media! From Netflix to action figures. We're very aware of how race plays out, which is why Schema started in the first place. 

Like many, we belong to no one tribe.

Maybe that's you? You’re naan, adobo and bubble tea. You are comfortable in your skin and comfortable with other skins marching to the beats of their own drums. Or tablas. Or djembes. Constantly moving, your life is about bursting through ceilings and taking diversity with you. 

You are not alone. 

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