Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting an article?

We are looking for cultural navigators whose writing drips with personality and whose interests are relevant and resonant. Funny or serious, we publish articles that are thoughtful, accurately reported and well-written.

If you are interested in contributing, please send us a brief proposal by email to Please include the following: 1) the central message of your article, 2) what makes it interesting, innovative, or controversial, and 3) why you are uniquely qualified to write this article. Please also include a resume and samples of your writing with your query.


Our features are in-depth articles that engross other cultural navigators and provoke dialogue. We welcome original perspectives and stories that are rich in colour and personality. 1000-1800 words.

Celebrity Profile - What's Your Schema?:

In this provocative profile, we connect readers to celebrities and leaders of our communities by asking the question, "What's your SCHEMA?" We are looking for contributors who can interview and thoughtfully write about a visible and successful cultural navigator--for example, a politician, artist, designer or actor--whose work influences the mainstream.  800-1000 words.

People to Watch:

In this section, we interview and profile a up-and-coming cultural navigators --for example, a politician, artist, designer or actor--whose work influences the mainstream.  800-1000 words.

No Batteries Required & Public Property: 

Both of these departments consist of book reviews. No Batteries Required is comprised of new releases, while Public Property includes reviews of older books that can be found in public libraries. We are looking for reviews that are either "ethnic cool" or that are of interest to cultural navigators. 300-500 words.

Made for DVD:

This is the cultural navigator's guide to film. Just like the book reviews, but for documentaries and movies that have been released on DVD. 300-500 words.

Sex: A Cultural Navigator's guide to sex and relationships:

This section explores the challenges and successes inherent in the cultural navigator's pursuit of love. From failed mixed-race marriages to young immigrant adults exploring sex in the new Canada, this section pushes the boundaries of what is taboo in all of our different communities. 800-1000 words.

Travel - International: 

We are looking for travel writing from the perspectives of cultural navigators. How does roaming the world as a member of a minority community affect your travel experiences? Do your adventures change how you see your own cultural identity? 800-1000 words.

Travel - 48 Hours (in rural Canada):

This section explores travel in remote or rural areas, places off the beaten track that may surprise our readers with their diversity of culture and experiences. Essentially, Travel-48 Hours is the ethnic cool-hunter's guide to life outside the big city. This is a personalized literary journalism--a 48-hour travelogue that explores the cultural diversity of smaller cities and towns in Canada.  800-1000 words.

For more information or to send us a proposal, email us at